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Identifying & Correcting Astigmatism In Kids

Among all of the concerns that parents and doctors alike have over children's health, one of the most extensive categories is eye health. From dry eyes, to color blindness, to generally blurry vision, there is a very large range of issues that children can experience with their eyes, and it's important for each to be handled with the proper care and attention. And one of the more common issues for parents to be aware of in children is astigmatism.

In terms of the effect it has on vision, astigmatism is essentially the formal name for "blurry vision." Children who have the condition will simply see hazier and less clearly defined images than others, and the condition can be amplified according to nearsightedness or farsightedness. However, there are numerous eye conditions that cause blurry vision, each requiring different treatment and attention. So it's important to understand what exactly astigmatism means for the eyes, and how to go about correcting it.

Essentially, the way that our eyes work is in receiving light and transmitting it in a way that gives our brains accurate depictions of images. For the eyes to do this properly, incoming light must hit the proper area on the retina. What astigmatism means is essentially that the eye is slightly misshapen or elongated, not in any physically noticeable way, but in a way that causes light to reach the eye at a less than ideal level. The image is still transmitted, but it is blurrier than it should be.

The first step in treating this condition is in properly identifying it. In an ideal scenario, an optician will have a close look at a child's eyes and determine any specific needs. However, if you suspect your child might have astigmatism, you can also take steps to pursue the theory at home. ACUVUEŽ Brand Contact Lenses provides a very helpful resource on their site. It is a very quick and easy way to determine in a matter of minutes whether astigmatism seems like a likely cause of vision issues.

Once you and/or your optician properly diagnose the problem, there are thankfully fairly typical methods of correction available. There are various contact lenses available specifically for correcting astigmatism. These lenses essentially adjust incoming light to compensate for the slightly misshapen eye. Children with astigmatism can also benefit from glasses with the correct prescription, and this is certainly a nice second option to have on hand. But for optimal correction, most recommend contact lenses.
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